Performance Request

Thank you for your interest to perform at the B.I.G. Salsa Festival in San Antonio, TX.

Use Computer or Laptop only to avoid errors.
EVERYONE registered is REQUIRED to be PERFORMING to purchase this pass.

It is important that you read ALL the instructions below!


  1. May 31st:  Payment due for all Performers being registered.
  2. July 14th:  Payment due for all Performers being registered.
  3. July 31st:  Last day to make payment for all Performers being registered.
  4. During the Event:  Payment ($150) plus Late Fee & Service Fee must be made prior to attending event.
    Any PayPal/Credit Card dispute filed will be banned from all current and future credit card transactions and will be subject to FULL PRICE cash at the door.


  1. ONLY register the performers you are PAYING for.
  2. ALL PERFORMERS are REQUIRED to have a “PERFORMERS” wristband to perform. No other wristband(s) will be accepted and allowed on stage.  No exceptions.
  3. PRIMARY Contact is the main contact for the team.  We recommend using the same email address for every person you register to help us manage your team registrations easier.
  4. UNIQUE Name.  Each name (not email) must be unique and match a photo ID.  If you are unable to supply a unique name, use your first and last name with “(Dancer1), (Dancer2), etc…” after your last name BUT you must accompany each dancer to registration to pick up their wristband.  Wirstbands will NOT be handed out or placed on will-call.  To update a pass with someone else’s name, a transfer fee will apply.
  5. PHONE Numbers are used for additional ID purposes only.
  6. MINORS are not required to have ID, but must remain with chaperon/parent at all times.
    1. Chaperons / Parents are required to purchase an Event Pass and show ID.
    2. Wristbands can not be “passed out” and must be placed on the Ticket Holder by Registration.
  7. If you purchased a General Admission pass and now performing, you only need to request a General to Performers Pass Transfer request.  We will conduct one (1) complimentary transfer in the same Ticket Holder’s name.

Make sure you have read ALL our Terms and Conditions before purchasing a pass.  By making a purchase with us, you are agreeing to all our Terms and Conditions available on our website.  Terms & Conditions


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